Do you have to be a genius to go to college?

What kind of 'smarts' do you need to get a college education?

Do you have to be a genius to go to college?

Well, DO you have to be a genius to go to college? The answer is, of course, a big fat NO! You don't have to be a genius to go to college. You just need to apply yourself to your school studies and activities and get good grades. You then take that work ethic into your college courses and you should do great!

Being a genius is not a requirement of going to college. Uh-uh, not at all. Lots of people get into college who act as dumb as a plank of wood. Some get into college because they are great at sports and the college wants them to play that sport for them. Others get into college because their Mommy or Daddy is very wealthy and they give money to the college. The college then overlook the rich student's rather poor grades in exchange for the extra funding they will receive.

Do you have to be a genius to go to college?But most people get into college in very ordinary ways. They just do their best to get good enough grades to apply to colleges.

Of course, hard work and studying is great. If you are a genius, lots of different colleges will want you to come and study with them. As a genius, you can even win special grants and scolarships to go study, so you don't need to pay college fees.

Some people who are thought of as geniuses, don't get on well at college. Take Bill Gates -- he dropped out of Harvard without finishing his degree. Last time I checked, he's doing all right for himself! The great inventor Thomas Edison never went to college. In fact, he only had three months at school! Geniuses tend to educate themselves a lot and follow their interests.

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