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Become a Genius links:

The Complete Guide to Genius
A brain training program that enables you to boost your IQ to super genius levels. With this training you can achieve genius IQ scores of 180 or more. Click here.


The Genius Mindset: The Cheat's Guide To Instant Genius
This package of secret brain hacks and mind hacks lets you shortcut the route to genius. Start thinking and acting like a genius with none of the sweat. Fool your friends and colleagues into believing that you are a total genius. Definitely worth reading more about.
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Unleash Your Genius For Creative Thinking
A great collection of free articles on boosting your intelligence, generating brilliant creative ideas and living at the leading edge of your abilities.
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Project Renaissance
A wonderful resource of information for would-be geniuses courtesy of the inventor of image streaming. Click here.

Characteristics of a Genius links:

Tony Buzan's official website
Inventor of the Mind Map, Tony Buzan. Author of many great books for those who want to be a genius, including the brilliant The Book of Genius.
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GENIUS IQ links:

Wikipedia's entry on Genius and genius iq with some interesting distinctions and 3 useful concluding tips.
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