What is a genius?

And are YOU a genius?


It's a good question: what is a genius?

Genius is something that we have vague ideas about. We think it means guys with wild hair experimenting in their laboratory. But is that all genius is about?

We need to make sure we are clear on the terms we are using. There is a difference between "a genius" and "genius" per se.

What is a genius? Tiger Woods has outstanding talent and skills"A genius" is defined as somebody with outstanding talent: somebody with exceptional ability, especially somebody whose intellectual or creative achievements gain worldwide recognition.

It can also mean somebody with specific skill: a person with great specialized skill, such as a computer genius.

You might not realize that other meanings for "a genius" include:

guardian spirit: in Roman mythology, a guardian spirit of a person, place, or institution.


demon: a supposed demon or supernatural being.

(Don't get too freaked out by this last one! Back in history, people were a bit ignorant and made up beliefs like this to explain things that they didn't understand -- like why someone was smarter or better at something than everyone else! To understand this concept better check out Phillip Pullman's His Dark Materials books which refer to the genius or daemon in this manner.)

"Genius" as a descriptive word can mean outstanding talent: exceptional intellectual or creative ability or influence: somebody who or something that exerts a strong influence.

You can also discover the characteristics of a genius to see if you share them.

So, are YOU a genius?

What is a genius? YOU ARE! Show off your genius!Now you know the answer to "what is a genius?". So, are YOU a genius? Do you have a specific skill? Are you a whizz with knitting needles? Can you curl a soccer ball like Ronaldinho? Can you work out the square root of big numbers and do sudoko in a flash? Do you have an outstanding talent? Can you play the bassoon like a virtuoso? Are you a red-hot soul singer? Do you have great ideas?

Today, like never before, the world needs geniuses. And one could argue that you need to be a genius or exhibit your genius in order to rise above the masses and become successful.

Whether you want to be rich and famous, be popular, or receive awards and respect for your work, or simply help the world and it's people, you need to access your natural genius potential.

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