Who is the best computer genius ever?

Computer geniuses revealed!

What a great question! Who IS the best computer genius ever? I know I want to find out, don't you?

Let's take a look at the top computer geniuses that we know about and see if we can decide.

Who is the best computer genius? Bill Gates?If this was a question about who is the most famous computer genius ever, we'd probably be looking at Bill Gates.

Who is the best computer genius? Paul Allen?Together with his partner Paul Allen (a computer genius) they created the first computer language program written for a personal computer. Later they acquired the rights to an operating system called DOS (or MS-DOS) and licensed that to IBM and other computer manufacturers. Bill Gates had a vision of a computer in every home. His aggressive business strategies helped make the world computer literate. Along the way Bill Gates has created the world's largest company, become the world's richest man, and he has become the biggest charitable giver in history.

Who is the best computer genius? Steve Jobs?If this question asked who was the most innovative and classy computer genius, we could probably point at Steve Jobs, founder of Apple.

Who is the best computer genius? Steve Wozniak?This is the man who helped popularize personal computers and made them sexy, exciting and fashionable. Together with his computer genius partner, Steve Wozniak, Jobs created the Apple Mac and grew the company. For a while, Steve Jobs was kicked out of Apple -- but eventually they brought him back to rescue the company. Now it is super strong again, thanks in part to new product lines like the iPod and iPhone.

Of course, both Bill Gates and Steve Jobs are geniuses. They are very, very clever men who know to surround themselves with lots and lots of other geniuses. They are also great strategists, visionaries and communicators. This has enabled them to build huge companies, get computers into homes all round the world, and become very powerful, incredibly rich, and extremely influential people. They could do that where probably their main partners could not. But they needed their partners (and all the brilliant minds they get to work for them). Paul Allen and Steve Wozniak are not as well known. They probably prefer being out of the limelight but their technical genius was hugely instrumental in the success of both Microsoft and Apple.

Who is the best computer genius? Tim Berners-LeeOf course, we have to look at what we all mostly do with our computers these days. And that's go on the internet... to socialize, find or share information or buy stuff. We can do all that thanks to the computer genius who invented the World Wide Web and that's Tim Berners-Lee. Unlike the other computer geniuses that we have looked at so far, Tim Berners-Lee did not claim ownership of the Internet and become a billionaire. He gifted the Internet to the world -- and I think that is an incredible achievement.

So, I am going to say that Tim Berners-Lee is the best computer genius ever, because without him you wouldn't be reading this answer online right now!

(For details of other computer geniuses, I suggest you look at the history of the computer.)

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